Photographic Safaris

Contact us to book your photographic safari anywhere in Zimbabwe.

Photographic safaris are not only for the avid photographer, if you’re interested in walking or hiking safaris, canoeing, and birding, there’s plenty of adventure awaiting you! Here are just a few examples of where you may go with your private guide, Siraaj.

Mana Pools National Park: A world Heritage site with so many photographic opportunities to offer. Mana Pools is the home to the famous elephant, Boswell, who strategically stands on his back legs to reach the high branches of the Albida trees. The purple, hazy light adds special interest to wildlife and scenic photography.

Gonarezhou National Park: Zimbabwe’s second largest National Park, Gonarezhou is known as “The Place of Elephants” with huge areas of the park untouched and completely wild. It is one of Zimbabwe’s hidden gems! Landscape and wildlife photographers alike will fall in love with the steep orange and red cliffs, deep gorges and towering baobabs.

Hwange National Park: “Big Sky” country, Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest National Park. The park is famous for its huge herds of elephant that migrate between Zimbabwe and Zambia. During the dry season, one can view thousands of animals coming to a waterhole to drink.

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